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April 21, 1999


The Strategic Policies and Priorities Committee on April 20, 1999, during its consideration of the 1999 Operating Budget, amongst other things, took the following action:

(A)tabled the following motions for consideration at its Special meeting scheduled to be held on Monday, April 26, 1999, respecting the portion of the Operating Budget (Section SS) pertaining to TEDCO:

Moved by Councillor Ootes on behalf of Councillor Chow:


(1)the Toronto Harbour Commission's (THC) budget and its monthly operating fund through TEDCO, not be approved nor funding released from TEDCO to the THC until:

(i)THC submit the 1998 actual spending and the 1999 proposed line-by-line budget for approval;

(ii)City of Toronto Financial staff review THC's line-by-line detailed budget; and

(iii)the Budget Committee, Strategic Policies and Priorities Committee and Council approve the THC's budget; and

(2)the THC provides, for the City's budget deliberation, a detailed accounting on:

(i)consultants, clearly describing who received funds, in what amounts, and what services were performed for the payments;

(ii)travel budget, who spent what to go where; and

(iii)hospitality funds, save as above.

Moved by Councillor O'Brien:

"That the Chair of the Budget Committee be requested to write to the Toronto Harbour Commission forwarding the concerns raised by the Strategic Policies and Priorities Committee having regard that THC's Operating Budget was not submitted in appropriate time for consideration by the Budget Committee.

(C)requested the Executive Director of Human Resources to submit a report to the Strategic Policies and Priorities Committee for its Special Meeting to be held on April 26, 1999, with regard to front line staffing levels for various positions in various Departments, as requested by the Toronto Community Council at its meeting on March 30, 1999; and

(D)requested the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer to submit a report to the Special Meeting of the Strategic Policies and Priorities Committee to be held on April 26, 1999, providing written assurance that no additional tag issuances are required.

City Clerk

P. Morris/in

Item No. 1


Please note that council and committee documents are provided electronically for information only and do not retain the exact structure of the original versions. For example, charts, images and tables may be difficult to read. As such, readers should verify information before acting on it. All council documents are available from the City Clerk's office. Please e-mail


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