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May 14, 1999

To:Toronto Community Council

From:Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services

Subject:23 Spadina Avenue, Application No. 999038: Request for approval of a variance from Chapter 297, Signs, of the former City of Toronto Municipal Code, upon application by Concord Adex Developments Corp., 23 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3M5. (Ward 24 - Downtown)


To review and make recommendations respecting an application for a variance to permit an undefined sign type at 23 Spadina Avenue.

Financial Implications:

Not applicable.


It is recommended that:

1.City Council approve Application No. 999038 respecting a minor variance from Chapter 297, Signs, of the former City of Toronto Municipal Code to permit the proposed three undefined signs.

2.The applicant be advised, upon approval of Application No. 999038, of the requirement to obtain the necessary permits from the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services.


The property is located with the block bounded by Spadina Avenue, Bremner Boulevard, Navy Wharf Court and Blue Jays Way within a mixed-use (commercial-residential) district.

The applicant is requesting permission to install signage on the west and east elevations of the building (see Figures 2 and 3). The proposed signage will identify the building as a sales office for condominium projects to be located within the Railway Lands Central and West.

The proposed signs have dimensions as follows:

West Elevation

-overall length of 18.3 m (60 ft.) and a height of 0.88 m (34.6 in.)

East Elevation

-overall length of 13.04 m (42 ft. 9.3 in) and a height of 0.6 m (13 in.)

The signs do not comply with Chapter 297 of the Municipal Code in the following ways:

1.the proposed signs do not fit within any of the current definitions of sign types; and the proposed signs are not defined and as the site is within the defined area of expressway corridors and waterfront such an undefined sign type is not permitted, although various types of signage are permitted.

The site is situated at the intersection of Bremner Boulevard with Spadina Avenue to the west of SkyDome in the heart of the Railway Lands development area owned by Concord Adex Developments Corp. The signs would consist of individual cut-out lettering with neon backlighting. The lettering would be located above a "brise soleil" (or open sun screen) which acts as a cornice below the roof line and above the eastern doorway access from the parking lot located at the rear of the building.

In my opinion the proposed signage would modestly identify the function of the building, while maintaining its significance as the new sales centre for the first phase of residential development within the Railway Lands. I am recommending approval of this application, as I find the variances requested to be minor and within the general intent and purpose of the sign provisions of the Municipal Code.

Contact Name:Angus Cranston

Telephone: (416) 392-0425

Fax: (416) 392-1330


Beate Bowron

Director, Community Planning, South District


Please note that council and committee documents are provided electronically for information only and do not retain the exact structure of the original versions. For example, charts, images and tables may be difficult to read. As such, readers should verify information before acting on it. All council documents are available from the City Clerk's office. Please e-mail


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