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To:Toronto Community Council

From:Tom Denes, Executive Director, Technical Services Division

Subject:Naming of the private road at 55 Kildonan Road - Glenn Morrow Mews (Ward 26- East Toronto)


This report recommends that the proposed private road at the development at 55 Kildonan Road be named "Glenn Morrow Mews."

Funding Sources, Financial Implications and Impact Statement:

The estimated costs of $600.00 for the street name signs are to be paid by the applicant.


  1. That the proposed private road at 55 Kildonan Road, illustrated on the attached "Map A", be named "Glenn Morrow Mews";
  2. That Jourdan at Beaches Incorporated be required to pay the costs, estimated to be in the amount of $600.00, for the fabrication and installation of the appropriate signage; and
  3. That the appropriate City Officials be authorized and directed to take the necessary action to give effect to, including the introduction in Council of any Bills that may be required.


I have a request from Mr. C. A. Goldsmith of Jourdan at Beaches Incorporated (9 Woodlawn Avenue East, Toronto, M4T 1B9) to name the proposed private road for the residential development at 55 Kildonan Road. Mr. Goldsmith has proposed that the road be named after prominent local musician Glenn Morrow, who passed away in December of 1997, at the age of fifty-one. Additional information on Glenn Morrow is outlined in Appendix "A".


The proposed name has been circulated to Councillor Tom Jakobek, Councillor Sandra Bussin, City Planning, Fire Services, staff of Heritage Toronto and The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society. The proposed name has the approval of Councillor Tom Jakobek, City Planning and staff of Heritage Toronto. Fire Services does not support the name because of the prevalence of streets with the prefix of Glen and the existence of Morrow Avenue in the former City of Toronto's west end. The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society have commented that they do not feel qualified to make any recommendation on the proposal.

Naming the private road "Glenn Morrow Mews " is consistent with the policy for naming streets and lanes approved by the former Toronto City Council on July 11, 1988 (Clause 4, Executive Report No. 22).

Contact Name and Telephone Number:

Desmond Christopher

Telephone: (416)392-1831



Tom Denes, P. Eng.

Executive Director, Technical Services



Appendix "A"


1946 - 1997

Glenn Morrow was born in Toronto January 30, 1946. He started playing in bands around Toronto in his early teen years. Hammond B-3 organ and piano were his favorite instruments to perform on. An extremely talented keyboardist-arranger, he played with the Bluenotes, T.K's., Tarot and The Canadian Rock Theater (MGM). His first mark in the recording industry came with the group Chester (Quality) and the (Argue/Morrow) gold hit "Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter". This song was also honoured years later in 1996 with a SOCAN (Society of Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) award. The group was nominated for a "Juno" in 1974. Other songs released in the 70's were, "Let The Phone Ring" and "Just Be Yourself" (Morrow/Mancel), air play hits.

In 1977 he became the founding member and music director - keyboardist for the Chris DeBurgh band. He performed with Chris on fourteen world tours helping to build the act from a support position with such acts as Supertramp, Frampton, Asia, and America, to a world class headline concert act with a number one position in Europe. (Well over one thousand shows) Recent concerts took them to the Kremlin in Moscow, Lebanon, South Africa, the Mediterranean and all across Europe. The position with Chris DeBurgh lasted nineteen years until Glenn was forced to retire because of deteriorating health.

Exposure in Europe prompted world famous opera tenor Peter Hofmann (Sony Records) to hire Glenn as music director for his 20-piece orchestra on his first "rock classics" tour. Peter performed "Flow Like A River" penned by Morrow and the relationship continued through several other tours, over the next few years.

Another very popular actor-singer in Europe, David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) was introduced to Glenn after his album went into the top ten. Glenn toured three times as music director/keyboardist with the last tour taking them from the earthquake in L.A. to the ski slopes of Switzerland for rehearsals. He also did a guest appearance on one of the early Baywatch shows. David Hasselhoff, Wade Hubbard, and Glenn co-wrote "More than words can say" which was released in 1997.

Regrettably Glenn was diagnosed with incurable Lymphoma in 1989 and was told that he had limited time. Notwithstanding that knowledge, Glenn went back on the road touring with, DeBurgh, Hofmann and Hasslehoff, often working four and five months straight between visits back home to 36 Fairmont Crescent in the Upper Beaches. He maintained this pace until the last two years of his life which sadly ended on December 5, 1997, leaving his wife Taya and his young son Emmett.

Glenn Morrow was a credit to his community as well as to the Music Profession. Not only did he personally distinguish himself over and over again, he was also responsible for the fact that the Chris DeBurgh band was made up mostly of notable Toronto musicians for the entire 19 years that Glenn was music director. These musician traveled the world performing live concerts as well as recording in the world's best studios. Glenn achieved so much, and must not get lost in time because all of the public attention is on the Stars that he did so much to bring fame to.


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