Food trucks, street food vending and ice cream trucks are permitted to operate under the Emergency Measures and Civil Protection Act (specifically Regulation 82/20). Street food vending allows for a broader range of food in Toronto that is safe, healthy, affordable and culturally diverse.

All street food vendors who wish to operate on public or private property require a valid business licence. Vendors who wish to operate on city streets or sidewalks or in City parks also require a vending permit.

Under the current Street Vending Bylaw street food and ice cream vendors must hold a permit under Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 740, Street Vending.

To operate a food truck, a motorized refreshment vehicle owner licence is required and a mobile food vending permit.

Please note that while some curblane parking spots have been repurposed for ActiveTO and CurbTO, permit-holders should observe all posted guidance on stopping and parking on city streets.

Renew or Obtain a New Licence

All licence and permit-holders can renew or obtain new licences with Municipal Licensing & Standards (MLS) by contacting

MLS may deny an application for a licence or renewal of a licence based on screening criteria.

Important Information

All operators must adhere to physical distancing requirements for the public and provide proper health and safety measures for their staff. Please review the Toronto Public Health Fact Sheet: COVID-19 Guidance for Mobile Food Premises.

Residents visiting street food vendors, food or ice cream trucks should maintain a distance of two metres or six feet from others at all times while waiting in line.

All operators are subject to regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) and the health inspection regime in addition to the City’s licensing regime. Toronto Public Health’s food safety program DineSafe inspects all establishments serving and preparing food.