Rooming houses can include a house, apartment or building where you rent a room and share a kitchen and/or washroom with four or more people (not related to you) that pay individual rent. Rooming houses can also include some self-contained units/bachelor apartments.

Current rules and regulations

The following buildings do not need to be licensed as rooming houses:

  • Dwellings licensed and inspected by the provincial or federal government, such as group homes or retirement homes.
  • A cooperative student residence, a student fraternity or sorority house that has more than three bedrooms.

Rooming houses are only permitted in the former cities of York, Toronto and Etobicoke. Rooming houses that operate in Toronto and Etobicoke must be licensed.

In Etobicoke, rooming house licences are issued by Toronto Public Health. Requirements for rooming houses licences in the former city of Toronto are below.

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