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2018 Property Tax Rates


Description City Tax Rate Education Tax Rate City Building Fund Total Tax Rate
Residential 0.4632369% 0.1700000% 0.0022685% 0.6355054%
Multi-Residential 1.1447559% 0.1700000% 0.0000000% 1.3147559%
New Multi-Residential 0.4632369% 0.1700000% 0.0022685% 0.6355054%
Commercial General 1.3106206% 1.0900000% 0.0032300% 2.4038506%
Residual Commercial
Band 1
1.1351332% 1.0900000% 0.0027975% 2.2279307%
Residual Commercial
Band 2
1.3106206% 1.0900000% 0.0032300% 2.4038506%
Industrial 1.2841217% 1.1607730% 0.0021445% 2.4470392%
Pipelines 0.8910658% 1.3400000% 0.0043637% 2.2354295%
Farmlands 0.1158093% 0.0425000% 0.0005671% 0.1588764%
Managed Forests 0.1158093% 0.0425000% 0.0005671% 0.1588764%


2019 Property Tax Rates

2017 Property Tax Rates

How Your Property Tax Bill is Calculated

Your property tax bill is calculated by multiplying the current year phased-in property assessment value, as determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), by Council approved City Tax Rate(s) with the City Building Fund Levy and the Education Tax Rate, as set by the Government of Ontario.


Estimated taxes on a residential property with an Assessed Value of $624,418
Estimated property tax = Assessed Value x (City Tax Rate + City Building Fund)
= $624,418 x 0.6355054%
= $3,968.21

Description Fee $
Reprint tax bill – For a request for the reproduction/reprint of a bill. $18.33 per bill
Payment Re-Distribution Fee – Any request to re-distribute payment when an electronic payment has been made to an incorrect account. $43.12 per request
Tax Account Ownership Change Fee – A request to change ownership on a property tax account. $38.46 per account
Ownership Change Fee – A request to change ownership on both tax and utility accounts for the same property when requested at the same time. $54.98 combined fee per property
Prior Year Tax Receipt – A statement of all payments applied towards a property tax account for a specific year. $17.66 per year, per account
Current Year Tax Receipt – Per request. No charge
Municipal Charges added to the property tax roll – Any unpaid fee or charge, charged by the City/agency for a service or for any other purpose, which has been added to the tax roll for collection purposes pursuant to a request from a City division/agency other than Revenue Services. $54.98 per charge
New account added to tax roll. $54.98 per account
Overdue utility amounts added to the tax roll – For each overdue utility bill amount added. $38.46 per tax account
Tax Calculation Statement – A statement outlining how annual property taxes, including any capping/claw-back or other adjustments, are calculated for individual commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. $54.98 per tax account, per tax year
Dishonoured Cheque Processing – Processing a cheque returned by a bank or financial institution for reasons such as insufficient funds being available in the bank account upon which the cheque was drawn. $40.00 per cheque, per payment
Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) Program Reinstatement Fee – Request for re-enrollment to the PTP program. $25.00
Tax Clearance Certificate – A statement of all amounts owing for taxes, issued by the City’s Treasurer pursuant to Section 317 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006. $67.30 per certificate
Tax History Statement – A record of all transactions occurring within a property tax account for a specific taxation year. For 1998 to present. $38.46 per tax account, per tax year
Tax History Statement – A record of all transactions occurring within a property tax account for a specific taxation year. For years 1997 and prior. $54.98 per tax account, per tax year
Tax Status Verification – A statement issued to a financial institution for mortgage purposes providing notification of whether property tax payments on an identified tax account are up to date. $27.49 per tax account
Statement of Accounts – (Overdue Tax Notices) A statement, excluding the statement sent in January of each year, which provides a notification of outstanding taxes and provides the taxpayer the opportunity to fulfill their tax obligations. $17.66 per statement
Tax Apportionment Application – An application under section 322 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006 for apportionment of unpaid taxes from parcel(s) of land to many newly created parcels of land, if each parcel can be legally conveyed under the Planning Act individually.  $54.98 per application
Final Notice – For overdue property tax accounts. $23.14 per notice
Notice of Issuance to Bailiff $61.60 per notice
Refunds Fee – A user fee will be charged to process applications for tax refunds when an over payment/credit balance has remained on the property tax account for more than 2 years and the over payment/credit balance is not the result of a City of Toronto initiated action. $38.46 per transaction/refund
Refund/Transfer Credit Balance Status Fee – A fee for professional representatives acting on behalf of the taxpayer who are requesting a refund transfer credit balance status. $38.46 per request
Mortgage Company Administration Fee – Fee for mortgage company administration per property tax account to be invoiced bi-annually (interim and final tax bills). $10.20 (bi-annually)

*Fees are reviewed annually as part of the budget process and are subject to change.

2019 Property Tax Fees

Sale of Lands for Tax Arrears

In accordance with the City of Toronto Act, 2006, the City, may fix a scale of costs to be charged as the reasonable costs of proceedings under section 356 of the Act instead of charging the City’s actual costs in determining any cancellation price. Cancellation price is defined in the City of Toronto Act, 2006, section 343(1).

The City has adopted the following Scale of Costs:

Description Fee $
Tax Sale Proceeding – Site Visit Fee $210.06
Registration of Tax Arrears Certificate – (i.e. including title search execution search & registration) $1056.68 + Actual Costs
Preparation & Notice of Registration – (Actual costs refers to actual disbursements) $35.57 Per Notice + Actual Costs
Preparation of Statutory Declaration $210.06
Preparation and Registration of Tax Arrears Cancellation Certificate $240.19 + Actual Costs
Execution of Extension Agreement $1,137.43 Per Agreement
Preparation of Final Notice $35.57 per Notice + Actual Costs
Preliminary Observation Report $350.08 Per Report
Preparation of Tender forms for Public Sale $35.57 Per Notice
Public Tender Application $35.57 Due Upon Pick-up
Sale by Public Tender $996.38 + Actual Costs (i.e. advertising)
Preparation of Land Transfer $1,446.57 + Actual Costs
Payment into Court and Statement of Facts $444.87 + Actual Costs
Charges for Surveys, Advertising, Soil Testing, Preparation and Placement of Placards Actual Costs
Farm Debt Review Board $35.57 per Review + Actual Costs
Registered Mail Costs Actual Costs
Registration File Folders Actual Costs

*Fees are reviewed annually as part of the budget process and are subject to change.

2019 Collection Fees

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