The City’s new green bins are being delivered to houses with daytime curbside collection across Toronto in phases. The roll out began in mid-2016 and will be complete by the end of 2017.


Key features of the new bin:

  • animal-resistant latch with a gravity lock
  • more capacity for increased diversion of organics from landfill
  • designed for automated collection

new green bin

Important to know:

  • Start using the new bin on your next collection day as the City will no longer collect from the old bin.
  • Your old bin should be picked up on the same day your new bin is delivered. If you miss the initial pick up, set out the empty old bin on your next collection day. If you miss the second pick up, call 311 to arrange for removal.
  • Do not put yard waste in the Green Bin. Yard waste is collected and processed separately.
  • The way you set your Green Bin out for collection is very important.
  • Each house will receive an information sheet and Green Bin Guide along with the new bin.