The StART Road Mural Pilot Project allows resident associations, business owner groups, and community organizations to facilitate a mural on a City of Toronto road.

  • The Applicant must be an established community organization (e.g. Residents’ Association, Business Improvement Area).
  • The location for the proposed road mural installation must be mid-block (i.e. a safe distance from an intersection) on a low volume, local (public) street within the City of Toronto.
  • The road mural must be installed during the course of a scheduled and approved street event which includes a permitted road closure covering the location of the proposed mural.

Among other things, successful community organizations must::

  • Assume the full cost of design, community consultation and installation including road closure(s);
  • Undertake community consultation in regard to the proposed mural concept and design, including submission of a signed petition confirming support of the project by local residents; and
  • Assume responsibility for obtaining all necessary permits required and supervising the installation of the road mural.

Phase I – StART Road Mural Installation Expressions of Interest

  • Resident associations, business owner groups and community organizations interested in installing a road mural should submit an Expression of Interest Application to by 4:30 p.m. on August 13, 2018;
  • The purpose of the Expression of Interest is to establish compliance with the basic eligibility requirements, i.e. mid-block location on low volume, local streets during street events when a road closure permit will be in effect, prior to development of a design, community consultation and securing petition signatures.
  • Residents associations, business owners and community organizations will be advised if their proposal satisfies the basic eligibility requirements within two weeks of receipt of REOI submission and invited to submit a StART Road Mural Installation Application (Phase II).

Phase II – StART Road Mural Installation Application

Resident associations, business owner groups and community organizations that successfully meet the basic eligibility criteria set out in the Expression of Interest will be invited to submit a StART Road Mural Installation Application (Phase II) which will include, but is not limited to:

  • A sketch of the proposed road mural artwork and confirmation of location, including boundaries and distance from nearest intersection(s). Proposed designs, artwork and location are subject to approval by the General Manager, Transportation Services (or designate) prior to installation;
  • A list of materials to be applied to the road surface, e.g. paint, chalk, etc. which will be assessed to ensure compliance with City of Toronto Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements;
  • A summary of the community consultation process and petition of support with original signatures of local residents; and
  • Any other details, terms and conditions as required by the City of Toronto, to be provided in a formal application document signed and submitted by the applicant(s).

The deadline to receive the completed StART Road Mural Installation Application (Phase II) is September 10, 2018. Successful applicants will be advised within two weeks of receipt of their completed application.

Call to Community Groups for Expression of Interest

Application Deadline: August 13, 2018, 4:30pm