The City has launched a new pilot project at Yonge and Eglinton to reduce the impacts of construction, improve road safety and keep traffic moving around areas in the city with a dense concentration of construction activity.

The Construction Hub Coordination Pilot will see City staff proactively manage work zones in a ‘construction hub’ – a high-growth area with multiple construction projects happening near each other. The Pilot will minimize disruption to the travelling public by engaging with public and private sector contractors to ensure safety, manage parking and loading to improve accessibility, work with businesses and communities to forecast and curb disturbances.

The one-year Pilot will be deployed at the Yonge-Eglinton area in November 2019 and will conclude in December 2020. An on-the-ground ‘hub coordinator’ will conduct logistical planning of the right-of-way, review Construction Management Plans, connect travellers with real-time information, collaborate with enforcement officers and communicate impacts and changes to businesses and communities in the neighbourhood.

A Construction Hub is an area with high levels of concentrated construction impacting the public right of way.  These construction zones have very real impacts on neighbourhoods. More urban-scaled projects in close proximity result in:

  • More conflicts
  • More construction vehicles
  • More traffic infiltration
  • Less flexibility with schedules
  • Less margin of error
  • Less patience

In order to manage the on-the-ground coordination, the “hub coordinator” will:

  • Conduct logistical planning of the right of way
  • Coordinate resources to manage work zones
  • Support developers, businesses and residents with “single point of contact” resolution
  • Review and comment on Construction Management Plans
  • Connect travellers with real-time information
  • Forecast changes in the neighbourhood and collaborate with enforcement officers
  • Communicate impacts early and often and to key neighbourhood stakeholders

Learn more about Construction Hub Coordination.

With 120 cranes at work, Toronto has the largest number of major construction projects among the 13 largest cities in North America.

It often takes multiple years to complete construction projects, which impacts mobility on our streets. In order to enhance safety and mobility around construction projects, this pilot aims to minimize disruption to road users by engaging public and private sector contractors to ensure safety, manage parking and loading to improve accessibility and work with businesses and communities to forecast and limit construction-related disturbances near or through construction zones.

If the pilot is successful, City staff would seek to establish a Construction Hub Coordination Program that would include more construction hubs in the city.