The Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) pilot occurred between September and December of 2018.

During this four-month pilot program, ASE units were used to collect data to better understand the processing and administrative requirements of the enforcement program. Data was collected from school zones located on local, collector, and arterial roads at a total of 8 locations, with each location active for 1 month and included the collection of speed and volume data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Automated Speed Enforcement pilot project did not involve the issuance of tickets or charges to vehicle owners as the regulations necessary from the Province of Ontario have not yet been enacted.

The following table provides a summary of the locations where the cameras were deployed and the data that was collected at each of the locations.

Location (speed limit) Average Weekly Vehicles detected above the speed limit Average Weekly Vehicles detected more than 10km/h above the speed limit Average Weekly Volume Max Detected Speed (km/h)

Gateway Blvd


10,347 1,010 52,911 86.9

Don Mills Rd


5,743 1,058 85,488 137.9

Queen St


23,748 5,587 52,150 127.4

Renforth Ave


25,511 7,370 37,091 202.3

Wilson Ave


52,151 16,937 83,867 156.4

Dufferin St


14,139 2,192 63,498 124.4

Rockcliffe Blvd


49,608 32,571 56,230 102.8

Avenue Rd


60,170 22,013 103,180 109.8