2018 Accomplishments

As of January 1, 2019

Initiative/Pilot Description Progress to Date Year-End Target*
Active and Safe Routes to School Pilot Image of street sign, reading "humberwood downs junior middle academy/holy child catholic school, it's not far, 3 minutes by bike and 10 minutes by foot."The pilot includes additional signage and pavement markings to facilitate safer routes to school and promote kids walking and biking to school. 5 Schools 5 Schools Achieved
Watch Your Speed Program Image of watch you speed signPortable, pole-mounted signs have been deployed in every Toronto ward reminding drivers to watch their speed. Each sign will be rotated to locations within the ward on a monthly basis and includes built-in radar that measures and displays to drivers the speed of their vehicles. 188 188 Achieved
Speed Humps Image of a Toronto street with speed humpsSpeed humps are raised sections of the roadway designed to discourage motor vehicle drivers from travelling at excessive speeds. 91 segments 91 segments Achieved
Senior Safety Zones Image of a yellow and black street sign, reading "Senior Safety Zone, drive slowly"Senior safety zones include measures such as lower speed limits, advance green for pedestrians, sidewalk extensions, safety signs, improved pavement markings, improved street lighting and more. 53 53 Achieved
School Safety Zones Image of street sign in black, white and yellow reading "School safety zone, drive slowly"School safety zones include a variety of measures such as lower speed limits, improved pavement markings and stencils, driver feedback signs, flashing signage and more. 56 88
Community Safety Zones Image of black and white street sign, reading "community safety zone, fines increased"Community Safety Zones are recognized under provincial legislation which currently provides that fines associated with speeding will be doubled. Once the proclaimed areas of Bill 65, Safer Schools Zones Act, 2017 are proclaimed into force, the use of automated speed enforcement will also be permitted in these zones. 350 250 Target Exceeded
Leading Pedestrian Intervals Image of pedestrians crossing the street.Leading Pedestrian Intervals give pedestrians a head start into an intersection to improve their visibility by cars and reduce the likelihood of left-turn collisions with pedestrians. 80 80 Achieved
Cycling Corridor Enhancements Image of cyclists on a cycle trackEnhancements to cycling corridors include measures such as refreshed and enhanced pavement markings, additional pavement symbols, and green markings, which highlight potential conflict areas between vehicles and bicycles. 3 completed + 5 underway  12
Curb Radii Reductions Image of curb radii reduction using paint and bollards on a residential street.Using paint and bollards as a traffic calming measure, the pilot project seeks to improve safety by reducing pedestrian crossing distances and influencing traffic movements. 35+
Accessible Pedestrian Signals Image of a intersection with zebra crossings and an accessible pedestrian signal. Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) advise pedestrians who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind when they have the right-of-way to cross at a signalized intersection and in which direction they may cross the intersection. 85 83 Target Exceeded
Red Light Cameras Image of a truck on the road with a red light camera sign.Red light cameras are a type of traffic enforcement camera that captures an image of a vehicle which has entered an intersection in spite of the traffic signal indicating red (during the red phase). 59 59 Achieved
Sidewalk Inspections Image of two people in safety vests inspection the sidewalkRegular sidewalk inspection is an important tool for identifying hazardous conditions that require correction. 7,982km 7,982km Target Achieved

* Year-end targets are subject to change based on weather and other implementation challenges. Information will be updated as it becomes available.