Preliminary program contribution estimates of 45% for Transportation Services, 18% for Economic Development, 18% for Business Improvement Areas, and 19% for other partners. Transportation services will contribute 100% for program staffing and operating costs.


TO360 has been a partnered project from the very beginning. Partnerships will continue to critical as TO360 is implemented across the city. TO360 be funded through a combination of government and third-party investments, allowing project partners to share programme costs and benefits.

Cost Sharing

The project will rely on city funding for core deliverables such as wayfinding design, mapping database development and sign maintenance, along with contributions from our wayfinding partners for implementation of TO360 signs in neighbourhoods and commercial areas.

Transit shelter walking maps and a digital base map that can be used by wayfinding project partners are funded by the City and will be rolled out city-wide.


As the primary purpose of wayfinding is to enable people to find their way, TO360 wayfinding signs do not include advertising. Project stakeholders have fully supported this objective.

Existing wayfinding legacy products will continue to include advertising as part of a City Council approved contract.