Image of narrow sign that highlights key features


Consistency in design and placement is fundamental to effective wayfinding signs, providing predictability for users and establishing a consistent brand identity.

TO360 Sign Features

The sign features include (see graphic right):

  1. Area identification using common neighbourhood names
  2. Pointers to nearby destinations
  3. Historic and cultural interpretation
  4. Context map (15 minute walk circle)
  5. Detailed map (5 minute walk circle)
  6. Legend
  7. Partner identification
  8. ‘Call 311’ logo for city maintenance requests
  9. Capacity for future illumination

Other key on-street wayfingding features include:

  • Important information is located 90cm -140cm above ground level for ease of reading
  • Information is presented in several ways (such as maps and pointers) to help people better understand the local area
  • Durable materials are used such as stainless steel and tempered glass that will withstand the rigours of city streets
  • Standardized signs are paired with maps and text that are customized to reflect local character and landmarks
  • Signs have been designed to allow for future illumination