Union Station’s revitalization is a multi-year project, with substantial completion targeted for 2019.


During Stage 1, the City is planning to complete base building of the retail concourse beneath the York and VIA Concourses. The space will then be turned over to the Station’s head lessee. Many vendors will occupy the retail concourse. The following are projected to be completed during Stages 2 and 3:

  • Bay Concourse structures
  • Bay Concourse finishes
  • Moat covers
  • Great Hall restoration
  • VIA Concourse
  • Bay and York moat covers

Estimated substantial completion of Stages 2 & 3 construction is 2019.

  • Commence excavation (“dig down”) under the York concourse, VIA concourse and part of the Bay concourse.
  • Commence upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Commence restoration work on the exterior façade.
  • Completion of:
    • Bay and York teamways within the viaduct structure
    • loading dock
    • VIA elements: Panorama Lounge, baggage handling system
    • two new bike stations
    • GO York Concourse
    • lower retail level on west side
    • Northwest PATH – Phase 1
    • Exterior heritage façade restoration (including the roof of the West and East Wings and Centre Block)
    • Great Hall Ticket offices + East Concourse office
    • Heritage washrooms
    • Structural support column replacement, and electrical and mechanical systems
  • Continue with “dig down” under the Bay concourse and construction of the new concourse.
  • Construction of a retail level below the Bay concourse (part of the future Bay promenade).
  • Restoration of VIA concourse, Front Street West moat, York Street moat and installation of moat covers.
  • Continuation of the restoration/repair of the exterior façade and initiate work within the Great Hall.
  • Renovation of the first floor of the East Wing.
  • Multi-phased “dig down” below the East Wing for the completion of the Bay promenade retail level.
  • Completion of the repair/restoration of the Great Hall and the exterior façade.
  • Reconstruction of the Front Street East moat and installation of a moat cover, including removal of the steps down to the TTC.
  • Restoration of Bay and York street moats and installation of moat covers.