Through the High Performance New Construction Program, incentives are available to help building owners and design / decision-makers offset the cost of making buildings more energy efficient. Buildings generate about half of the greenhouse gas emissions GHG in Toronto today.

Key Benefits of Energy Efficient Buildings

  • Lower operating costs.
  • Improved marketability.
  • Increased occupant comfort.
  • A reduction in the GHG emissions that contribute to climate change.

Incentives for business owners

  • Up to $10,000 for modelling costs.
  • Up to $800 per kilowatt of verified savings (or $0.10/kWh).

Incentives for design / decision-makers (architects, engineers, consultants)

  • up to $150/kilowatt of verified savings (or $0.01875/kWh)


Eligible buildings include those intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential occupancy, including:

  • new buildings
  • additions to an existing facility
  • major renovation projects
  • retail spaces
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • hospitals, long-term care facilities
  • hotels, motels and agricultural building projects

Construction must be complete and comply with Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code, and the building must be fully operational and delivering kW and/or kWh savings on or before December 31, 2020.

To learn more and/or apply, please email the New Construction Team.