The Ontario Government announced on March 21, 2019, the High Performance New Construction (HPNC) incentive program is cancelled as of April 1, 2019. As a result, no new applications are being accepted. For more information please visit Save on Energy.


Buildings generate about half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto today. Through its High Performance New Construction Program, the City offers incentives to help building owners and design/decision-makers make buildings more energy efficient. Energy efficient buildings reduce operating costs, improve marketability, reduce GHG emissions, and improve occupant comfort.

For business owners:

  • Up to $10,000 for modelling costs
  • Up to $800 per kilowatt of verified savings (or $0.10/kWh)

For design/decision makers (architects, engineers, consultants)

  • Up to $150/kilowatt of verified savings (or $0.01875/kWh)

Buildings intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential use are eligible, including:

  • new buildings
  • additions to an existing facility
  • major renovation projects
  • retail spaces
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • hospitals, long-term care facilities
  • hotels, motels and agricultural building projects

Buildings must comply with Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code and be fully operational and delivering kW and/or kWh savings by December 31, 2020.