CityInSight is a data visualization tool for the City’s TransformTO Climate Action Strategy. You can use the tool to get a better understanding of the projected emissions for Toronto, and you can manipulate certain variables for your own analysis and research.

The CityInSight tool forecasts potential energy use and related GHG emissions for the years between 2011 (the baseline) and 2050, based on two scenarios: Business-As-Planned (BAP) and Low Carbon.

The Business-As-Planned (BAP) Scenario evaluated energy and emissions for the city given current and planned and funded policies and actions at all levels by municipal, provincial and federal governments.

The Low Carbon Scenario (LCS) evaluated energy and emissions with the reduction potential of 36 additional actions considered. The LCS was informed by the TransformTO community conversations, the Modelling Advisory Group, and meetings with City of Toronto divisions.

You can choose from four different projections and compare the BAP scenario to the Low Carbon scenario. The projections are:

  1. Emissions
  2. Energy Use
  3. Commuter Transportation
  4. Energy Flow

You can manipulate a number of variables to assess the GHG emission in Toronto. These variables include;

  1. specific year, between 2011 – 2050
  2. a scenario, BAP or Low Carbon
  3. the four projections

For each projection, you can view three or more visuals. You also have the option to export or save the data to create your own visuals.

Check out CityInSight.