Closing the Opportunities Gap

Help Toronto communities to flourish by partnering in our Partnership – Opportunities – Legacy program. In this successful initiative, residents in neighbourhoods that lack the social and economic infrastructure to grow benefit from new spaces, places, programs and opportunities.

By implementing place-based strategies to address inequities, the POL program is working with public and private sector partners to identify community challenges and opportunities and invest in programs and new spaces. These investment partnerships aim to create lasting positive changes in communities that need it the most. POL is all about new Partnerships, identifying new  Opportunities and creating an enduring Legacy. In a recent example, POL created the Rexdale Hub by successfully transforming an abandoned school into an integrated health, social, legal, employment and cultural centre in one location.

Service hubs

These one-stop locations will provide residents with a variety of information and support services tailored to their needs. They are supported by bringing together public and private organizations in innovative partnerships.

YouthSpaces and programs

Young people need somewhere safe and comfortable to discuss issues and challenges, develop positive relationships and explore opportunities for the future. POL will create welcoming, exciting and engaging spaces equipped with skills development and leadership programs that will provide a roadmap to a brighter future for young people.

Media centres

Multi-media access is a great way to engage people in creative thinking. Media centres will be set up in existing spaces – with computers, training and access programs – to help youth further their education, find employment or set up their own technology business.

Sports zones

Sports help to improve physical health and social wellbeing. POL will work with partners to create new and refurbished sports spaces, including basketball courts, soccer fields, cricket pitches and others.