Toronto Water

Water production reports

Toronto Water is responsible for collecting, treating and distributing quality drinking water to the entire City of Toronto as well as portions of York Region. Our sophisticated water treatment and supply system is made up of four treatment plants, 18 pumping stations, numerous elevated and underground reservoirs, over 5,500 kms of distribution watermains and much more.

This system, while comprehensive, is not limitless please be water wise. For tips on ways to be water efficient: Click Here.

Regardless of how it will be used, all water leaving the plants is clean and safe to drink, straight from the tap.

Daily production reports (the amount of clean drinking water demanded by residents and businesses for drinking, washing, flushing, industrial processes, and more) are provided here.

Water Consumption Report for January 01, 2019
System Daily total (ML) Total year to date (ML) Average day - year to date (ML) Maximum day - year to date (ML) Date of maximum day
City of Toronto 873.98 873.98 873.98 873.98 Jan 01
System Total
(Including Southern York Region)
1,056.24 1,056.24 1,056.24 1,056.24 Jan 01


  1. System total is all water demands for the daily period indicated, including portions of York Region. City of Toronto indicates water provided and consumed within the municipal boundaries of the City.
  2. ML is megalitre, or 1,000,000 litres.
  3. The information provided here is for informational purposes only. These numbers are subject to adjustment, pending regularly scheduled and/or unscheduled meter maintenance, etc.

For more information about Toronto’s drinking water quality, these production numbers, and other Toronto Water related matters visit or contact 311.