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  Welcome to the official website of the City of Toronto

Hello users. We're in the process of re-branding the City of Toronto's website. Our first step is presenting a new front page for comments and reactions. We want to hear what you think about this new page. You can provide comments here.

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There are multiple entry points to our site. You don't always have to come back to the home page to get to different pages.

The City's main index page directs users to four home pages organized according to community interests.

Image: four portal links at top of all City of Toronto pages Living in Toronto Doing Business Visiting Toronto Accessing City Hall

The four community home pages are: Living in Toronto, Doing Business, Visiting Toronto and Accessing City Hall.

Regular visitors may choose to bookmark one of these four pages, or portals, as their personal quick access to the City of Toronto web. ("Portal" is early 2000 web talk for distinct home pages.) Think of each community home page as your own doorway into the services that you use most often.

Toronto City Hall The design of our home page mirrors the design of Toronto's City Hall, one of the most famous landmarks of Toronto.

The home page contains hyperlinks to features that our research indicates are popular and frequent destinations for visitors to the site. Clicking on these links will take you directly to the information about the service area.

Or you can click on the photograph or colour-coded heading for the home pages and you will be taken to that page. These colour-coded headings appear at the top of all of our pages.

You can also use the search engine in the top navigation bar of every page.

On the right side of the home page, there are links to site highlights and new services.

The four community pages
Once you are on one of the four community home pages, you will find several ways of accessing information and services.

The navigation bar on the left of the screen is organized in categories specific to that home page. For example, the Living in Toronto navigation bar has direct links to 311 Toronto, the TTC, garbage & recycling and more.

The Doing Business navigation bar takes you quickly to Invest Toronto and call documents and more.

The same pattern holds for Visiting Toronto and Accessing City Hall home pages.

The lead story on each community page is just that, an important current event or announcement or new program. This story will change regularly, and contains links to story elements. Below the lead story are "What's new" features, again tailored to the interests of each community.

On the right-hand side of each community page, you'll find a series of four picture links to more important stories and, below this, quick link access to popular, longer term highlights and services.

If you think you want to look at one of the other community pages, you can access them through the colour-coded bar on the top of the page. Notice how the colours help to remind you which community page you came from: Living in Toronto, Doing Business, Visiting Toronto and Accessing City Hall. These are always presented in the same order left to right.

Image: four portal links at top of all City of Toronto pages: left to right ... Living in Toronto, Doing Business, Visiting Toronto and Accessing City Hall

Questions? Comments?
Check the Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Send us your comments and suggestions by email:

Or call 311 Toronto at: 311

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