Toronto is a premier destination for screen content creation and is known for top talent and expertise in all aspects of filmmaking. To keep up with and support this booming industry, skilled workers are needed in many careers areas. Use this guide to learn about the different jobs, career pathways and industry resources.

Pre-Production Roles

From producers, writers and directors to performers and accountants, learn about all the roles involved in getting a film project up and running.

Production Roles

From selecting that perfect location to creating costumes to developing the lighting to make the show pop, learn the many roles needed during the production of a screen project.

Post-Production Roles

Once a project has been shot, there’s still work to be done. Find roles in music, mixing, video editing and more in this phase of content development.

Visual Effects Roles

Contemporary filmmaking usually requires visual effects, which takes many technicians and artists. Explore all the exciting visual effects roles.

Animation Roles

From designing characters, objects and backgrounds to bringing everything to life, learn about all the roles required to produce animation.

Film Industry Resources

Explore the many pathways into film industry careers by browsing through educational and industry resources to help you launch your film career.