Dates: November 1
Time: Sunset
Location: City-wide

Pumpkin Parades have become a natural extension of Halloween festivities across the City of Toronto.  Each year after the sun sets on November 1, community members converge in their local park to see their neighbourhood’s Jack-o-Lanterns shine one last time.  It’s a fun way for neighbours to celebrate an end to Halloween together and a simple way for communities to dispose of their pumpkins.  Pumpkin parades make the Halloween spirit shine and this Toronto-born phenomenon is quickly spreading!

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Audience Appeal: Culturally diverse audience
Demographic: Families with young children
Attendance: Over 20,000 in parks City-wide in 2017

Pumpkin Parades is supported by a strategic integrated marketing and media relations campaign, including:

  • Print collateral
  • Website
  • Newsletter and social media promotions
  • Park Signage

Pumpkin Parades offers an array of sponsorship opportunities to enhance your business objectives, including:

  • Logo and signage in participating parks hosting Pumpkin Parades across Toronto
  • Employee volunteer opportunities in parks across Toronto
  • Consumer Engagement at select locations
  • Brand inclusion in marketing and promotional materials
  • Retail level activation opportunities to promote Pumpkin Parades