The Toronto Planning Review Panel is an exciting initiative to improve public engagement by capturing input from a broader segment of the population. It was created so that a representative group of Torontonians could help the City Planning Division guide growth and change in Toronto.

The Panel began in 2015 with 28 members randomly selected via Civic Lottery. They were asked to work together over the course of two years to provide City Planning with informed public input on major planning initiatives.

The Panel was created to complement, not replace, other methods of public consultation. We realize that our traditional consultation methods don’t always allow us to hear from Toronto’s many diverse communities equally.

The Planning Review Panel has been specially designed to bring a balance of new voices into the planning process, to offer members access to city planners, independent experts, and stakeholders over the course of sixteen day-long meetings, and to support members as they work together to produce informed, representative public input on major city planning initiatives shaping Toronto.

The first Panel concluded its two-year mandate on November 18th, 2017 and the City is currently recruiting new members through another Civic Lottery process. This time, 32 people will be selected to participate. Look for your invitation in the mail!


Frequently Asked Questions