The City of Toronto is undertaking a review of the existing noise bylaw (Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 591). Public consultations are expected to begin in January 2019. A report is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

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The noise bylaw provides standards for noise, and it applies to all properties in Toronto. Noise is defined in the bylaw as unwanted sound.

The Municipal Licensing and Standards division began reviewing the noise bylaw in 2015. In 2016, with direction from the Licensing and Standards Committee, a Noise Working Group was convened.

The Noise Working Group included representatives from the Toronto Noise Coalition, resident associations, construction and entertainment business associations, business improvement areas and other relevant stakeholders. The Noise Working Group was formed to provide advice to the Executive Director of the Municipal Licensing and Standards division on amendments to the noise bylaw, and to enhance the relationship between the City, residents, associations and stakeholders.

The Noise Working Group met nine times, and concluded in 2017. The meetings highlighted a number of outstanding issues that required further exploration. A report, summarizing the work accomplished to date and next steps in the review was brought to the Licensing and Standards Committee and City Council in April 2018.

Municipal Licensing and Standards continues to undertake additional research and consultation to address the outstanding issues in the noise bylaw and advance the review of Chapter 591, by

  • procuring an independent acoustical engineering firm, to provide a technical review of the current and proposed noise bylaw as well as the feedback collected from members of the Noise Working Group
  • conducting broad and statistically significant public opinion research on resident attitudes, experience and concerns with noise in Toronto
  • pursuing additional research and data analysis; including jurisdictional best practices/approaches, and
  • undertaking further consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

Public consultations are expected to begin in January 2019.