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Early Learning and Care Quality Assessment Requirements

4. Displays
  1 or 2 3 4 or 5
Does Not Meet Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations

Less than two displays include cultures/races More than half of the children's art work is product oriented, not process oriented Less than three displays include children's own artwork and as well as adult-made and/or commercial materials Displays are not: Reflective of children's recent activities Displays are not: Developmentally-appropriate Displays are not: Culturally-appropriate and free of bias Displays are not at child's eye level, as much as possible Displays are arranged in a segregated manner Displays include children in the room participating in learning experiences Two or more displays include people with disabilities Displays promote inclusion in daily living Two or more displays are in more than one language Two or more displays include family structures Displays include family involvement in activities and/or events

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