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Job Summary: To provide expert cycling instruction, skill assessment and risk management in an on-road environment in order to develop and certify new CAN-BIKE instructors to the level required by the CAN-BIKE national standard and to instruct all levels within the CAN-BIKE program.
Machines and Equipment Used: Bicycle, helmet, recreation and various office equipment, first aid kit.
Season(s): Spring, Summer
District(s): All  District map (pdf)
Wage: View wage rate chart (pdf)


  • Plans, organizes, implements and provides instruction to develop and certify new CAN-BIKE instructors.
  • Assesses and trains participants to qualify for certification as CAN-BIKE instructors.
  • Provides experiential learning opportunities in how to instruct both adults and children in all of the various courses in aspects of the CAN-BIKE program.
  • Ensures that all students have a good understanding of risk management procedures and adherence to completing all administrative tasks, including incident/accident forms. Ensures adherence to all policy and safety guidelines as outlined in policy and procedure manuals.
  • Evaluates students on their ability to secure teaching environments and to assess all equipment (bikes and helmets) according to Health and Safety Standards.
  • Trains instructor candidates to plan and verify cycling routes prior to the start.
  • Instructs on strategies to limit falls in the bike handling skills practise sessions.
  • Maintains a safe and supportive learning environment, ensuring that the skills being taught are appropriate for the skill level of the instructor candidates.
  • Provides risk management techniques to adapt to changing road and weather conditions and the different levels of fitness of students.
  • Ensures pre-course communication with students to assign readings and preparation for the workshop.
  • Co-ordinates with co-instructor if applicable.
  • Performs administrative tasks to support the program.
  • Establishes and maintains excellent relations with the public and all internal staff and departments. Interacts with participants, staff and the public to provide program information.
  • Demonstrates correct use of cycling safety equipment and procedures.
  • Ensures staff follow the principles of Healthy Child Development (HIGH FIVE®) in the planning and delivery of programs.
  • Ensures that program facilities, equipment and supplies meet Health and Safety standards.
  • Takes action to deal with incidents, problems and emergencies and comply with Divisional/City Policies and Procedures.
  • Attends and participates in meetings and training sessions, including participating in Mandatory First Alert Training.


  • CAN-BIKE National Examiner certification (master instructor level)
  • CAN-BIKE 2 and CAN-BIKE Instructor certification
  • Current Ontario Cycling Association Membership
  • Must produce original current Emergency First Aid certification as recognized by the WSIB.
  • You must possess certification in Parks and Recreation Ontario's Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD). Applicants who meet all other qualifications and obtain a conditional job offer will be advised of PHCD course offerings in order to meet this qualification.
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