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Job Summary: To ensure a safe ski environment for participants.
Machines and Equipment Used: Ski, communications, emergency rescue, ski lift, and various office equipment, first aid kit.
Season(s): Winter
District(s): North York Ski Centre, Centennial Park Ski Centre  District map (pdf)
Wage: View wage rate chart (pdf)


  • Ensures a safe ski environment for participants.
  • Ensures the safety and direction of all participants on the ski hills.
  • Ensures the safety guidelines are adhered to by all participants.
  • Executes emergency procedures and administers first aid.
  • Performs opening and closing procedures.
  • Monitors the safety and terrain of all ski runs.
  • Informs senior staff of dangerous situations.
  • Ensures proper signage and fencing is set up and taken down each day.
  • Ensures first aid equipment is available and operational.
  • Monitors inventory of first aid supplies and advises staff when supplies are low.
  • Reports incidents and accidents.
  • Completes all documentation.
  • Performs administrative tasks to support the program.
  • Interacts with participants, staff, spectators and community members.
  • Takes action to deal with incidents, problems and emergencies and comply with Divisional policies and procedures.
  • Attends and participates in meetings and training sessions.
  • Follows the principles of Healthy Child Development (HIGH FIVE®) in the planning and delivery of programs.


  • Current certification with the Canadian Ski Patrol System.
  • Toboggan and On-Hill Certification by Canadian Ski Patrol System standards.
  • Previous experience volunteering or working with the Canadian Ski Patrol System or as a First Aid Responder is an asset.
  • Must produce original current Standard First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation certifications as recognized by the WSIB.
  • You must possess certification in Parks and Recreation Ontario's Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD). Applicants who meet all other qualifications and obtain a conditional job offer will be advised of PHCD course offerings in order to meet this qualification.
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