Residents come together each year to create natural ice rinks on parkland. About 30 to 40 natural ice rinks are built each year and each offer a great back-to-nature skating experience.

Create a Natural Ice Rink

Applications closed on December 31, 2020.

Plan and apply for a natural rink in your area! Download:

Signage for Natural Ice Rinks

Locations must:

  • be within a City of Toronto park (or previously approved TDSB site)
  • have a maintained winter water service (no hydrants)
  • be on a flat area with good access, proper grading and adequate drainage
  • not be immediately next to private home owner property
  • have a heated storage facility or the potential to store equipment on private property (adjacent to a park)
  • not already have an artificial ice rink

Community/Neighbourhood Group:

  • must have a minimum of six (6) participating members, with two (2) members designated as leaders and the primary contacts for City staff
  • members must attend a training and orientation session for any new locations or at the discretion of the Park Supervisor for any existing locations
  • members must be 18 years of age and older, due to physical demands
  • will be responsible for establishing the rink, flooding, snow removal and supervision

The City of Toronto will provide:

  • access to winter water service, water key, hoses and nozzle
  • access to two snow shovels per rink
  • access to lighting (where available)
  • public signage
  • instruction on how to build and maintain a natural ice rink

Boards and “rink in a box”

  • The use of boards are allowed at the Parks Supervisor’s discretion.
  • Boards are to be supplied, installed and stored by the Community/Neighbourhood Group.
  • Boards cannot be higher than 10″.
  • A plastic liner, or “rink in a box”, is permitted, but in case of thaw, water cannot exceed 2″ as this may present a drowning hazard.
Park Address
Apted Park 50 Apted Ave
Baird Park 275 Keele St
Coronation Park – York 2700 Eglinton Ave W
Denison Park 5 Denison Rd. W
Henrietta Park 1A Henrietta St
Lessard Park 52 Lessard Ave
Maple Leaf Park 320 Culford Rd.
Runnymede Park 221 Ryding Ave
Wadsworth Park 120 Connolly St
Park Address
Bennington Heights Park 173 Bayview Heights Dr
Bestview Park 115 Bestview Dr
Brookfield Parkette 27 Brookfield Rd.
Caswell Park 18 Caswell Drive
Cheltenham Park 43 Mildenhall Road
Duncairn Park 71 Duncairn Road
Edithvale Park 121 Finch Ave.
Glendora Park 201 Glendora Ave
Leaside Park 5 Leaside Park Dr
Parkview Park 355 Parkview Ave
Ranchdale Park 46 Ranchdale Cres
Stanley Greene Park 55 Stanley Greene Blvd.
Three Valleys Park 82 Three Valleys Dr
Trace Manes Park 110 Rumsey Rd
Wanless Park 250 Wanless Ave
Wigmore Park 106 Wigmore Dr


Park Address
Blantyre Park 180 Fallingbrook Rd
Elizabeth Simcoe Park 180 Sylvan Ave
Lynndale Parkette 10 Lynndale Cres
Sandown Park 50 Natal Ave
Totts Tot Lot 2 Gradwell Dr
Parks Address
Carlton Park 20 Edith Ave
Chandos Park North 75 Lightbourne Ave
Dovercourt Park 155 Bartlett
Fairmount Park 1725 Gerrard St E
Glen Stewart Park 351 Glen Manor Dr
Hideaway Park 23 Audley Ave
Jean Sibelius Square 50 Kendall Ave
Love Crescent Parkette 16 Love Cres
Moorevale Park 175 Moore Ave
Phin Park 115 Condor Ave
Ritchie Avenue Parkette 77 Ritchie Ave
S.A.D.R.A. Park 455 Old Weston Rd
Sorauren Avenue Park 289 Sorauren Ave
Topham Park 181 Westview Blvd
Winchester Park 530 Ontario St.
Wychwood Barns Park 76 Wychwood Ave