On February 25th, the City will join York Region and 16 other municipalities in adopting a new model for ordering court or tribunal transcripts. This new process will provide customers with a quicker and easier transcription process, limiting delays and improving timely outcomes.

All persons requiring transcripts will select a vendor of choice who will meet the ordering party’s criteria for the production of a transcript. A list of approved vendors is contained within the order form and is listed below for your convenience.

To place an order for a transcript:

  1. You will be required to download the Provincial Offences Act (POA) Court Transcript Order Form.
  2. Contact the selected vendor and agree upon cost, payment of transcription and delivery details.

The City of Toronto Provincial Offences Court Offices will no longer be accepting orders for the production of transcripts effective February 25th. All transcript orders received prior to February 25th will be completed by the City of Toronto Court Services Division and will be available for pick up at the designated court office.

For more information about transcript orders, please contact us at 416-338-7320 or poacourt@toronto.ca and we will assist you through the new process.

Christine Berkhout, ACT

Telephone: 905-984-0506

Clearly Spoken
Telephone: 519-745-6400

Toll free: 1-877-867-4619

Court Transcripts in Ontario
Telephone: 1-877-307-TYPE (8973)

or 519-940-2877

Durham Reporting Inc.
Contact: Laura Rowsell,
ACT ID# 1611571159
Telephone: 905-720-1995
Joyce Tuyp’s Transcripts

Telephone: 519-943-0404

LRTS L Ruggiero Transcript Services

Telephone: 905-868-6566

Reliable Transcript Services
Loredana Harte

Telephone: 416-902-5674

Certified Verbatim Transcription
Tracy Eybel Graziotto

Telephone: 519-721-1879

TruText Inc.
Andrew Gilpin, President
Telephone: 1-800-867-3281