The City of Toronto’s Court Services will need to move out of its leased facilities at the northeast corner of University Avenue and Dundas Street West early in 2020 due to redevelopment of the site by the owner.

This location houses the following operations:

    • 481 University Ave.
    • 70 Centre Ave.
    • 137 Edward St. (counter service for Provincial Offences act tickets, fines or court case information)

The moves will not require any special effort by people to figure out where they need to go for payment of fines or for court appearances. Please attend the service location as identified on your City-issued notice.

Counter Service Relocation of 137 Edward St. to 60 Queen St. W

Revised April, 18, 2020

Effective March 16, 2020, in-person counter services that were previously offered at 137 Edward St. will be opening at 60 Queen St. W. (lower level), the City-owned “Old City Hall” provincial courts building. People who want to pay a ticket or fine in person, dispute a ticket or ask about a court case, will be able to visit the Old City Hall site, which is just a few blocks south and east of the current University/Dundas location downtown. It is well served by public transit, including the nearby Queen subway station. The building offers a wheelchair-accessible entrance/exit at Albert Street on the north side of the building, in addition to the main entrance facing Queen St.

In-person counter services at 137 Edward St. are permanently closed as of April 20, 2020.

View all courthouse locations and hours.

Administrative Office Relocation

Another move in the works involves Court Services’ administrative offices, which are generally used by the stakeholders. Those offices will move to a temporary downtown location in early 2020.

Future Home of Court Services

All these moves will be temporary. Eventually, Court Services’ downtown operations will all move to a new facility now under construction on the north side of Front Street as part of the North St. Lawrence Market redevelopment – expected to be completed in 2022.


This web page will be updated periodically as additional details are available.