Business Meeting No. 3

Meeting Date: January 25, 2018
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive Toronto, Ontario M1P 4N7
Room: Council Chamber
Chair: Paul Sommerville
Contact: Jamil Elannan
Phone: 416-338-2734

Administrative Penalty Tribunal Panel Members

Richard Austin Sudershen Beri David Black
Deborah Boudreau Daniel Boyer Cherie Daniel
Sandra Driesel Joanne Foot Cheryl Gaster
Christina Gural Mumtaz Jiwan Nicola Mulima
Kathleen Kelly Randal Montgomery Jonathan Ng
Sancia Pinto Andy Radhakant Victoria Romero
Vince Scaramuzza Fizul Sima Sylvia Verkerk
Stanley Makuch


Staff:             Jamil Elannan, Committee Secretary.

Regrets:        Sancia Pinto


No Declaration of Interest under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act


APT 3.1 Welcome/Chair’s Address
The Chair, Paul Sommerville welcomes the Panel Members.  Quorum has been reached.
APT 3.2 Confirmation of Minutes

On Motion by Sudershen Beri, seconded by Cherie Daniel, the Tribunal unanimously confirmed the Minutes of its meeting held September 11, 2017 approved.

Motion carried.

APT 3.3 Tribunal Processes and Experiences

Paul Sommerville, Chair gave an overview of his observations and experiences regarding the Administrative Penalty Tribunals and opened the floor to the panel members regarding their experiences.

On Motion by Randal Montgomery, seconded by Joanne Foot, the Tribunal unanimously commends the staff of Administrative Penalty Tribunal on their continued support of the Administrative Penalty Tribunal panel members.

Motion carried.

APT 3.4 Practice Directions

Paul Sommerville amends the Decision document to add new language regarding the decision not bearing on any future decision by the Hearing Officer.

On Motion by Paul Sommerville, seconded by Sudershen Beri to insert additional language to the Decision document.

Motion carried.

APT 3.5 Rules of Procedure

Amend the Tribunal Rules and Procedure under section 9.3A, adjournment request to be made 5 business days in advance.

On Motion by Joanne Foot, seconded by Sudershen Beri, to amend the Tribunal Rules and Procedure effective January 25th, 2018.

Motion carried.

APT 3.6 Administrative Penalty Tribunal Overview
Jamil Elannan, Supervisor of Administrative Penalty Tribunal,   Court Services, addressed the administrative processes of the Tribunal.


On Motion by Paul Sommerville, seconded by Kathleen Kelly, the Tribunal adjourned business meeting at 10:45 a.m.

Motion carried.