If a claim for lien (Form 12) against premises owned by the City [or its agencies] is being given to the clerk of the City of Toronto pursuant to s. 11.1 of Ontario Regulation 304/18, the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be completed and submitted through this page.


The City of Toronto has established this web page as the web portal for the purposes of s. 11.1 of Ontario Regulation 304/18, which provides that a municipality may provide for the giving of a copy of a claim for lien (Form 12) to the clerk of the municipality by detailing a method for completing and submitting the claim for lien through a specified web portal.

Before Submitting a Claim for Lien

  • PDF attachments relevant to your claim for lien submission should be saved to your device and ready to upload before starting.
  • Entering a name in the signature field indicates your intention to sign the claim for lien as claimant or agent.
  • After you have completed the claim for lien, there are two additional, optional fields: Contract Number (of Owner’s prime contract); and Owner’s Contact Person. These are not part of the Form 12 and need not be completed in order to submit the claim for lien. However, this information, if known, will help the City of Toronto direct the claim for lien to the appropriate office.
  • Any claim for lien that is submitted after 5 p.m. local time is deemed to have been given on the following business day (O. Reg 304/18, s. 11.1(3))
  • A submitted claim for lien may be made available to the public upon request.

After Submitting a Claim for Lien

Following a successful submission, a confirmation screen will appear.  You may download a time-stamped PDF copy of your submission for your records at that time.

In the Event of a Web Outage

In the event of an unscheduled outage, a City email address will be posted for users to submit a claim for lien. This email address will only be a valid method to give a claim for lien during an outage.

Claim for Lien Background

On the day that s. 34(3.1) of the Construction Act comes into force (currently, Oct. 1, 2019), where the owner of the premises is a municipality, the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be given to the clerk of the municipality. Ontario Regulation 304/18, as amended by Ontario Regulation 112/19, made under the Construction Act, allows a municipality to choose a method by which the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be given under s. 34(3.1).