*IMPORTANT NOTICE – Transition to City’s new Source-to-pay tool – SAP Ariba

As part of the City’s transformation of its supply-chain operations, Purchasing and Materials Management is launching the online source-to-pay tool SAP Ariba this fall for sourcing and contract management. SAP Ariba will enable web-based collaboration and improved communication between the City and its suppliers, resulting in a better customer experience. More details.


Track your bid to completion and provide valuable feedback through surveys and complaints to help the City improve your experience.

Competitive Call Award Results

The contracts listed on the Competitive Call Award Results have been awarded by the City.  All call documents were publicly advertised in accordance with Chapter 195, Purchasing By-law.  Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder meeting specifications for Request for Quotations and Tenders, and the highest scoring proponent in the case of Request for Proposals.

Winning Bidders

If you are the successful vendor of a City contract/competitive call document, the City will contact you via mail or telephone.

Questions or Problems Relating to Invoices

Please contact Vendor payment inquiries at 416-397-5235

Feedback and Questions

We want to hear from you regarding your experience with the City procurement process. You can e-mail citybids@toronto.ca, or tell us what you think in this quick survey.

Complaints about City of Toronto service

Vendors should review the Complaints Handling Procedure in order to report any problems with services provided by the City of Toronto. These complaints may involve the following: PMMD staff; charges or fees; and service timeliness, quality standards or access. Please see the Complaints Handling Procedure page for more information.

* Please note, the Complaints Handling Procedure does NOT cover the following: Bid disputes, inquiries, feedback, compliments or suggestions. If a vendor has a dispute with respect to a procurement process, please refer to the Pre-Award and Post-Award Bid Dispute process document.

The Broader Construction Association Consultation Group

The Broader Construction Association Consultation Group (BCACG) brings together the City and various construction associations to discuss general issues concerning the procurement, administration and execution of construction-related contracts. The BCACG meetings, facilitated by the Purchasing Materials and Management Division (PMMD), are held three times a year. See the Broader Construction Association Consultation Group page for details on how to participate in the consultation process.

Contractor Evaluation

After the contract is complete, City of Toronto staff will perform a Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE). The purpose is to provide an evaluative record, both positive and negative, of a general contractor’s performance on any given construction project that has been awarded to a general contractor by the City of Toronto. The CPE is a standardized internal tool to be used to encourage contractors to improve their performance and will be used consistently across all City of Toronto divisions to assess performance and when considering a contractor’s eligibility for future awards.