Invoices submitted to the City of Toronto for payment must include the following:

  • Vendor Name on Company Letterhead
  • Invoice Number – Max 16 characters
  • Invoice Date
  • Purchase Order Number / CRO Number (contract payments)
  • Remit To Address
  • Ship To Address, including:
    • Division Name
    • Divisional Contact
    • Service Location Address
  • Subtotal Amount Before Tax
  • Tax Amount
  • Total Invoice Amount
  • HST/GST Number

Please ensure that invoice line-item details match the purchase order line-item details for price and quantity before submitting your invoice to the City.

Invoices without a valid Purchase Order/Contract Release (CRO) number will not be accepted.

Post dated invoices will not be accepted

Vendors providing goods and/or services to City divisions should submit invoices electronically to  Paper invoices are no longer accepted.

Vendors submitting invoices to the City for approved capital projects subject to construction lien holdbacks should follow the process provided by the Contract Custodian or City Divisional Designate.

Please ensure that invoices meet the following requirements:

  • Provided in PDF format only (invoices submitted in text, Word or Excel format will not be accepted)
  • Each invoice, with supporting information, is to be one PDF document,
  • Email submissions may contain multiple PDF documents (more than one invoice can be submitted with each email)
  • PDF name should only include the Vendor Name and Invoice Number(s)
  • The maximum pdf size, including all supporting information, is 45 MB.

Please do not submit invoices if amounts were already paid using a City of Toronto Purchasing Card (PCard).

Please do not submit invoices more than once.

Statements of account are not invoices and therefore, will not be reviewed.

Invoices received after 3:00 p.m. will be considered received on the next business day.

Vendors are requested to not submit invoices:

  • Prepared in text, Word or Excel format.
  • Already paid by the City using a PCard
  • Containing eSignatures or document protection
  • Multiple times (duplicate invoices) if payment was not received within the City’s standard payment terms of 30 days



It is the vendor’s responsibility to submit correct invoices for payment of goods/services delivered to City Divisions.  In the event an incorrect invoice is submitted, the vendor is required to issue a credit note against the original invoice and submit a new invoice with a new invoice number.

Invoices that do not meet billing requirements will not be accepted and will be considered incomplete.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that submitted invoices meet all requirements.

Invoices are processed for payment by Corporate Accounts Payable only after:

  • All billing requirements are met on the submitted invoice
  • Confirmation has been received from City operational/divisional staff that goods received are as ordered and in acceptable/expected condition; or services have been completed to the division’s expectation.
  • Operational/Divisional staff have approved the invoice for payment, including making all required system entries

Vendors are encouraged to provide back-up documentation, packing slips and/or goods receipt confirmations directly to the ordering Division for goods/services delivered to ensure timely approval of the invoice. Please do not copy on these submissions.

As outlined in all procurement arrangements, the City’s standard payment terms are Net 30 days.  Alternate terms may be assigned through discussion with Purchasing and Materials Management Division as part of the procurement process/award.

Payment will be made within payment terms if all required documentation and approvals are obtained.  Please check contract payment terms before contacting the City to enquire about payment.

To receive a status of payment on your invoice or to enquire about past due invoices, please contact the divisional staff member who placed the order with your organization.

To receive prompt payment, the City of Toronto offers secure electronic deposit payments directly to your bank account through the “Direct Deposit” program.   For more information and/or to enrol for this payment option, please email us at

Direct deposit payment files are released daily for processing through the Canadian banking system.  Deposit will be made into the recipient bank account within two (2) to three (3) business days from release of the electronic file.