The key to a successful event is preparation! Here are some helpful hints and a checklist to utilize when planning your event:

Start early and develop a work-back schedule and budget!

  • Develop an event concept, business plan and site plan – this will enable you to determine what services, permits and permissions you require.
  • Secure your venues and facilities early, the majority of City venues start taking booking request a year in advance and larger conference facilities up to 10 years in advance.
  • The larger the event, or the more complex it is, the more time you will need and the more elements should be included in your work-back schedule and your budget.
  • Private venues will have separate requirements and you will need to negotiate directly with property owners for terms of use.
  • Most applications for government funding are due a year prior to your event.
  • Obtain copies of applications, forms and guidelines early to ensure you comprehend the requirements – note deadlines and approval timelines.
  • Prepare the most detailed site plan you can.
  • Speak to your insurance broker about coverage for special events

Topic Areas

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Criteria, Definitions & Examples

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Permits, Fees & Timelines

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