Permits, Fees and Timelines for Various Divisions of the City of Toronto

Please be advised that fees and timeline can change.

City of Toronto Divisions and Agencies

City Division/Agency Details Fee for Permit or Service Timelines
City Clerks Flag Raising No 3 – 4 weeks
Letter of Municipal Significance No 4 – 8 weeks
Lottery Licence Yes 6 weeks
Building Erect Temporary Sign / Sign Variance Yes 8 weeks
Permit to Erect Tent/Structure exceeding 646 sq. ft. Yes 4 weeks
Toronto Paramedic Services Provision of Medical/First Aid Services Yes 3-6 weeks
Facilities Use of Civic Centres – internal As required Per facility
Public Squares (NPS, DPS, ACS) As required Per facility
Mel Lastman Square Yes Per facility
Municipal Licensing & Standards Noise Exemption Permit and Monitoring Yes 8 weeks
Permit for Food or Merchandise Vendors Yes 2 weeks
Office of Emergency Management Consultation on emergency planning No As required
Parks, Forestry & Recreation Use of parkland / stadium / facilities Yes 8 weeks
Stakeout of park area No 10 days
Rental of Showmobile stages Yes Variable
Solid Waste Management Collection and removal of garbage waste If in violation of permit conditions If in violation of permit conditions
Consultation on waste management plan No 6 weeks
Event Support Unit Consultation on event planning No As required
Festival and Events Calendar No 2-3 days
Toronto Film and Television Office Film Permit No 48 hours
Compensation for lost revenue/staff at City facilities Yes As required
Use of metered parking spaces Yes As required
Toronto Fire Services Provision of staff at signature events As required As required
Consultation on emergency planning/approval of fire route/road closures No 2 weeks
Toronto Parking Authority Collection of Lost Parking Revenue during events Yes 5 business days
Toronto Police Service Parade Notification No 8 weeks
Provision of Paid Duty Police Officers Yes 4 weeks
Displays from Community Response Unit No 4 weeks
Toronto Public Health Approval to operate temporary food establishment No 4-6 weeks
Inspection of special event food handling No As required
Toronto Transit Commission Charter of TTC vehicles Yes 2 weeks
Advertising Opportunities Yes As required
Re-routing TTC vehicles due to street closures Yes 4-6 weeks
Transportation Temporary Street Closure Permit Yes 8-16 weeks
Up to 1 year for expressways
Sidewalk Sale Permit Yes 8 weeks
Street Occupation Permit Footrace/Bicycle Yes 8-16 weeks
Up to 1 year for expressways
Banner Installation – Public Right of Way Yes 8 weeks
Banner Installation – Expressways Yes 8 weeks
Yonge Dundas Square Use of facility and amenities Yes Varies

Other Non-City Services

Organization Details Fee for Permit or Service Timelines (for application submission)
Alcohol and Gaming Commission Special Occasions Permit Yes 10 – 30 days (depending on type of permit)
Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Permit for Inspection of temporary electrical equipment and generators Yes Minimum 48 hours prior to activation of an event site
Ontario One Stakeout of Park or Area No 4 weeks
TSSA Amusement Rides Contact directly contact directly