After three years of living with, and responding to, a pandemic, Toronto Public Health is releasing Toronto’s Population Health Profile: Insight on the Health of Our City at a critical time in the City’s history.

Building on the comprehensive 2019 T.O. Health Check: An Overview of Toronto’s Population Health Status report, the profile provides the most current health status of our city. It is designed to focus community partners and all levels of government on the complex issues pertaining to the health and well-being of Torontonians.

Updating the City’s understanding of Toronto’s health status is an important step towards assessing the impacts of the pandemic on the City’s well-being and will inform future strategies and decisions to improve the health of residents and to reduce health inequities.

In summary, the findings of the Population Health Profile include:

  • Torontonians are aging and increasingly diverse
  • Torontonians are negatively impacted by the effects of an increasingly expensive city
  • Climate change presents a significant and growing health risk, despite improvements in Toronto’s natural and built environment
  • Mental illnesses and mental health have worsened during the pandemic, with some groups more affected
  • Opioid overdoses reached record levels in 2021
  • There was a significant decrease in testing and screening for many sexually transmitted infections during the pandemic period.
  • Chronic disease and its risks are increasing, as is the number of Torontonians who are overdue for health screening
  • Infectious diseases will continue to emerge globally, presenting threats to Toronto’s population

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