The Toronto Local Appeal Body obtains its jurisdiction from many provincial statutes and municipal by-laws.

The Toronto Local Appeal Body’s jurisdiction arises under the following:

City of Toronto Act Section 115 provides authority for the City to establish TLAB for certain land use planning matters and is the basis of the TLAB’s authority to hear appeals under Section 45 and Section 53 of the Planning Act.

Planning Act governs land use planning and development in the province of Ontario. The TLAB may hear appeals based on the City of Toronto’s Committee of Adjustment decisions. The Act sets out who is eligible to make an appeal to the TLAB, and the procedures that must be followed to do so.  Only appeals under Section 45 and Section 53 are eligible to be heard by TLAB.

Statutory Powers Procedure Act governs TLAB exercise of statutory powers and provides minimum rules of natural justice.

Ontario Regulation 552/06 is a regulation for this appeal body that addresses local land use planning matters.  It governs the requirement for the Toronto Local Appeal Body to establish rules, make the rules available to the public and produce an annual report of its operations.

City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 142 provides the appeal authority to the Toronto Local Appeal Body.

City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 441 sets the applicable TLAB appeal and administrative fee amounts.

City of Toronto Official Plan adopted under the Planning Act, sets City Council’s vision for future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide the city’s physical development.

City of Toronto Zoning Bylaw 569-2013 is a comprehensive zoning bylaw that puts the Official Plan into effect and provides for its daily administration.

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act sets out a framework for when participation in decision making is appropriate.

Code of Conduct for Members of Adjudicative Board, City of Toronto describes the written standards of conduct for citizen members who are appointed to adjudicative boards by Council.

Code of Conduct Complaint Protocol for Members of Local Boards (Restricted Definition) and Adjudicative Boards provides the procedures for making complaints about members of local boards and quasi-judicial boards within the City and also sets out the jurisdiction and authority of the Integrity Commissioner to investigate such complaints.

Rules of Practice and Procedure sets out tribunal processes and clearly states timelines, duties and expectations.

TLAB Procedure Bylaw 1 governs the calling, place and proceedings of business meetings and public consultation meetings.

Guiding Principles clarifies the roles of the TLAB, city staff and City Council in supporting the mandate of TLAB and the hearing process for the benefit of stakeholders.