Improvements to Cashman Park are currently on hold until a funding source has been secured.

The City is planning improvements to Cashman Park. The Project Team will be engaging the local community to determine a new site-appropriate park enhancement that will meet the needs of park users.

Cashman Park is located near Langmuir Crescent and Humbercrest Boulevard. In 2019, the playground structure was removed due to safety concerns regarding the equipment’s deteriorating condition. A swing set and spring toy are the only equipment currently in the park’s playground.

As the playground is located on a hill, replacing the playground equipment in its previous location presents some design and accessibility challenges. One of these challenges is the requirement to include an accessible pathway to an updated playground. To accommodate an accessible pathway to the previous playground location, significant site removals, grading and retaining for a paved switchback pathway would be required. This would leave very little space on the park site for playground equipment.

Given these constraints, the City is consulting with community members to determine an alternative park improvement that does not include a playground. Instead, we are recommending improvements focused along the lower edge of the park and want to get community input before any designs are presented.

December 2021

Project on Hold

As there is currently no funding allocated to the Cashman Park Improvements (as this is no longer a playground improvement project and alternate funding has not been allocated), this project will be deferred until funding is secured.

August to September 2020

Online Survey

The online survey gathered feedback on the community’s vision for the park enhancements. Feedback from the survey will be considered in the development of the concept plan options.

Download the online survey summary.

Do-It-Yourself Workshop Kit

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Workshop Kit was a fun, family-friendly and hands-on way to provide input for the Cashman Park Improvements.

Download the workshop kit.


Playground Structure Removed

The playground structure is removed due to safety concerns regarding the equipment’s deteriorating condition.

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