Construction is complete and the park is open to the public.

Dane Park is located at the southeast corner of Dane Avenue and Via Bagnatto

The existing parkette was divided in two by a new road as part of the Treviso Condominium development. A daycare facility was created on the western half of the divided parkette. The eastern side of the parkette was expanded south to create a new and expanded park.

The City developed the park to include:

Aerial drawing showing new Dane Park layout. A paved path travelling south from Dane Avenue through a circular area with planting beds and seating area. Further south along the path is a new playground and shaded seating area. 3 other paths meet at the shaded structure. two of the paths circle around the open field to the east of the shade structure meeting at the east entrance to the Park
Aerial drawing showing new Dane Park layout.
  • A new playground
  • Planting
  • Walkways
  • Seating areas
  • An open area for free play

Public Consultations were held to gather community input on the design of the park.

Original project timelines were extended due to weather and site condition issues. There were significant construction delays from May 2018 to August 2019 due to the removal of construction debris in the soil from the Treviso Condominium development. The developer resolved these issues in August 2019 and the park construction resumed in September 2019.

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June 8, 2020: Construction is complete and the park opens to the public.

Nov 26, 2019: Weather Delays Park Construction

Due to wet weather and the early onset of winter, park construction stopped, despite the contractor making an effort to complete the work in 2019.

Sep 3, 2019: Park Construction Resumes

The City was able to resume park construction after the site had been sufficiently cleared and necessary documentation was provided by the developer.

May 16, 2018: Unexpected Site Conditions

An on-site meeting was held with the Condominium Developer to discuss unexpected construction debris. As a result of these conditions, the City’s park construction was stopped while the site was returned to Developer to remove soils containing the debris.

Oct 26, 2017: Pre-construction Meeting

The project team met the Contractor on-site to review the project. The Contractor requested we wait until spring 2018 to start the project. Contractor’s request was granted to allow residents to use the sodded park over the winter.

Jul 5, 2016: Public Design Meeting

A public meeting was held in the park to get feedback from residents on park design options. Residents were shown two design options, and their comments informed the final design used to hire a Construction Contractor.