The City is planning improvements to the Dentonia Park Clubhouse, including the installation of a new kitchen and an outdoor pizza oven in order to better serve the community’s needs!

The project is under the City of Toronto’s Partnership Opportunities and Legacy Fund (POL).

  • September/October 2020: Community engagement
  • November 2020: Design finalized and tender for construction
  • December 2020: Project award
  • February 2021: Construction starts
  • June 2022: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

June 2022

Project Complete

The project is complete and included updates to the fieldhouse kitchenette, which is now a learning kitchen, and the addition of a new stand-alone outdoor pizza oven.

October 2020

Online Survey

The City conducted a survey to gather feedback from the community on their preferences for the Dentonia Park Clubhouse improvements. The survey was available to complete from October 2 to November 2, 2020.

Download the survey summary.

In response to an application put forward by the Youth Awoke neighbourhood group, the Dentonia Park Clubhouse is being upgraded with a residential grade kitchen. An outdoor community pizza oven will also be installed in the surrounding park. The project scope includes:

  • An outdoor pizza oven
  • A new kitchen that is fully accessible and includes:
    • An oven
    • A fridge
    • A double sink
    • New counter space
    • Cupboard space

The clubhouse is divided into two main spaces with natural light and views of the surrounding park. The facility is used for camp programming in the summer and open to permitted groups for the rest of the year.

Floor plan of the Dentonia Park Clubhouse with the kitchen located along the interior north wall. This location maximizes the existing plumbing and walls inside the building while maintaining an open floor plan and preserving interior views of the park.
Dentonia Park Clubhouse plan.

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A photograph of the interior of the Dentonia Park Clubhouse after construction, which shows a pillar with a table in the centre and a small kitchen with cabinets and appliances like a microwave, sinks, and refrigerator. The walls are painted light and dark blue.
The interior of the newly improved Dentonia Park Clubhouse.