The City is replacing the concrete wading pool at Earlscourt Park with a new splash pad! The splash pad will be an inclusive park amenity that reflects the needs of the community.

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2020: Public consultation
  • Fall/Winter 2020: Design phase
  • Winter 2021: Tender and award of construction contract
  • Late Spring/Early Summer 2021: Construction

The timeline is subject to change.

Earlscourt Park is a 12.6-hectare park at Caledonia Road and St. Clair Avenue West that offers a range of amenities that are widely used by the community.

The City is replacing the concrete wading pool with a new splash pad and is involving the community in the design process. The splash pad will maintain a similar footprint to the existing wading pool. The project scope includes:

  • New splash pad equipment including a variety of in-ground and above-ground spray and water features for all ages
  • Possible integration of new site amenities such as benches, picnic tables and/or drinking fountain
  • Possible relocation of amenities to accommodate design
  • Additional seating
  • Site restoration including general landscaping upgrades

September 2020


A survey was conducted to gather feedback from the community on the splash pad vision and design principles. The results from the survey will be used to inform the development of the final design. The survey closed on September 6, 2020.

Download Survey Summary Report

My Splash Pad Redesign: Activity Book for Kids

As part of the community engagement process, an activity book provided kids with the opportunity to share their ideas for the future of Earlscourt Splash Pad. A digital and print-friendly version of the activity book was available to submit online until September 6, 2020.

Download the survey feedback summary.

Survey and Activity Book Highlights

  • Survey responses = 542
  • Throughout the survey, respondents identified the Earlscourt Wading Pool as an important space for the community both as an amenity and as a gathering place.
  • When asked “What is your favourite part of visiting Earlscourt Wading Pool” several themes emerged, including proximity to businesses, close to home, sense of community, surrounding park, proximity to play structures, trees and shade, cleanliness and maintenance and others.
  • Most wading pool users live walking distance to the park. 85% of survey respondents travel to the wading pool on foot. A small percentage of people (6%) do take public transit to the park or take a personal vehicle (13%).
  • While the pool is an important space for children to play, it also serves a function on hot days. 81% of survey respondents visit the wading pool to cool down on hot days.
  • The majority of survey respondents (67%) would like a separate area specifically for toddlers in the new splash pad design.
  • 95% of respondents identified “Shaded areas e.g. under trees, shade structures” as important or very important.
  • When asked “How can we make the new Earlscourt splash pad inclusive for all users?”,‚Äč several themes emerged, including separate sections for toddlers and older kids, physically accessible play features, calm/gentle play spaces, more seating, gender-neutral washrooms, warmer water and stroller parking.

September 1, 2020

The City conducted an online public meeting to present background information about the project and gather feedback from the community to inform the final splash pad design.

Download the:

Virtual Public Meeting

Join us for a public meeting to learn more about the project and tell us what you think. Based on completed consultations with the community and other stakeholders, we have developed a design concept and identified splash pad equipment options. During the virtual meeting staff will provide a project update, present findings from engagement done to date and present concept design options for feedback.