This project is currently on hold for an indefinite amount of time while a building adjacent to the parkette undergoes a feasibility study.

The City is implementing improvements to Glasgow Street Parkette, which are integrated with Streetscape Improvements on Glasgow Street and improvements to the landscape of Cecil Community Centre.

Phase One

Parkette improvements include:

  • new paving
  • seating
  • lighting
  • trees
  • planting
  • fencing
  • bottle filler
  • more open sight-lines
  • more useable surface for Community Centre programming

Streetscape improvements include new:

  • paving
  • sidewalk
  • curbs

Phase Two

Community Centre landscape improvements in Phase Two will include new:

  • paving
  • seating
  • planting

Concept Illustrations

Site plan for Glasgow St Parkette
Site plan for Glasgow St Parkette (click to expand)
Glasgow St Parkette improvements
Glasgow St Parkette, elevation view (click to expand)
Glasgow St Parkette perspective (click to expand)

Phase One construction was completed in late 2018.

Phase Two construction will take place in 2020, following work inside the Cecil Community Centre.