Construction is complete and the park is open to the public.

We’re making improvements at Highview Park to make it more fun and accessible!


Project Timeline

  • December 2019: construction start
  • Fall 2020: construction completion

Dates are subject to change and are weather permitting.

Improvements include:

  • Toronto’s first accessible baseball diamond
  • a new playground
  • washroom building upgrades
  • north parking lot upgrades
  • stormwater management infrastructure
  • seating and shade structure
  • pathway improvements and landscaping

Download a plan of all improvements, including their location within Highview Park.

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November-December 2020

  • Asphalt paving has been completed.
  • Accessible baseball dugouts completed.
  • Fine grading, topsoiling and sodding have been completed.
  • Interior building works have been completed

October 2020

  • Rubber surfacing installation has been completed at both the playground and accessible baseball field.
  • Preparation for pathway asphalt paving is underway to be followed by fine grading, topsoiling and sodding.
  • Interior floor surfacing, furnishings, fixtures, and millwork installation are underway in the washroom/changeroom building.
  • Tree planting has been installed.

September 2020

  • Rubber surfacing has been installed at the accessible baseball diamond, and installation is underway at the playground.
  • A concrete sidewalk has been installed between the north parking lot and the main park pathway.
  • New benches and picnic tables have been installed.
  • Interior painting is underway in the washroom/changeroom building.
  • The project site remains closed for any public access.

August 2020

  • Asphalt base has been poured for the accessible baseball diamond, in preparation for rubber surfacing.
  • The digital scoreboard for the existing baseball diamond has been installed.
  • The shade structure and drinking fountain have been installed adjacent to the playground.
  • The washroom/changeroom building exterior masonry wall repairs are complete, windows have been installed. Interior improvements and electrical works are underway.
  • General site grading is ongoing.
  • The project site remains closed for any public access.

July 2020

  • Play equipment has been installed in the playground. The concrete seatwall, curb and paving for the shade structure have also been installed.
  • Dugout posts, sportsfield light poles, and the concrete curb around the edge of the field and have been installed at the accessible baseball diamond
  • In the washroom/changeroom building, interior block wall construction and plumbing works are continuing, and the rehabilitation of one of the exterior walls is underway.

June 2020

  • Earthworks for the playground and accessible baseball diamond areas have been completed.
  • Fence construction is underway for the accessible baseball diamond.
  • The new extended soccer field fence has been built.
  • The new outfield fence and warning track have been installed in the existing baseball field.
  • New plumbing and concrete slab flooring have been installed in the washroom/change room building. Interior block wall construction is underway.
May 2020
  • Site Construction activities have resumed.
  • Primary Stormwater management infrastructure has been installed to accommodate secondary drain tile systems.
  • A new water service line has been installed for the new water fountain and sand play area jug filler.
  • Earthworks for the playground and accessible baseball diamond areas are currently underway.
  • The interior of the washroom/change room building has been demolished and the installation of the new renovations will be commencing soon.

March 2020

  • Accessible baseball diamond and soccer field backstop fence posts have been installed
  • Renovation of the washroom building is underway

February 2020

  • Sewer works for stormwater management infrastructure has begun and will continue through the winter when weather permits.
  • Sportsfield fence installation is scheduled to begin in early February.
  • Renovation of the Washroom Building is scheduled to begin by mid-February.

December 2019

Construction has started. More details will be provided as work progresses.

February 21, 2018

A public meeting was held at Birch Cliff Heights Public School. At the public meeting, community members were presented with a preliminary concept plan and playground equipment options. Feedback was considered in the development of the detailed design.