Trail Improvements are complete! Please enjoy the trail. Additional signage will be installed soon. In the meantime, find trail etiquette information under Project Details.


Trails through Humber Bay Shores Park have been improved in two phases. Progress updates are posted under Project Timelines

Trail Etiquette Information

An image illustrating the sections of the trail. From the left: a section for pedestrians and mobility device users, a section marked buffer zone and a section for runners, bikes and skateboarders
From left: section for pedestrians and mobility device users, section acting as a buffer, section for runners, bikes and skateboarding.

The Recreational Trail is now divided into three zones defined by use:

  • Pedestrian Pathway: a 2.1-metre wide pathway for pedestrians and mobility device users
  • Buffer Zone: 1.5-metre wide concrete buffer strip to separate pedestrian traffic from faster-moving multi-use trail users, which runs from the Home Garden to Palace Pier
  • Multi-use Trail: a 3.5-metre wide trail for cyclists, joggers, in-line skaters and skateboarders
    • Maximum speed on the multi-use trail is 20 km/hr
    • E-bikes are not permitted on the trail
An image showing the markings on the pavement meant to warn trail users to slow down, as trail users may be entering or exiting
Markings on the pavement show trail-users to slow down.

Traffic Calming Measures include:

  • A new pedestrian pathway: a new 2.1-metre pedestrian pathway is added to accommodate pedestrian and mobility device users.
  • Buffer zone: a 1.5-metre buffer zone has been included between the new pedestrian trail and the multi-use trail to separate slow-moving trail users from faster trail users.
  • Multi-use trail: the multi-use trail is a 3.5-metre trail facility with centrelines to separate east and west trail users.
  • Approach zones: black-and-white bands are used in the pavement to indicate to trail users that they are approaching a shared-use area or park entrance plaza where pedestrians may be crossing the flow of traffic.
  • Trail etiquette messaging: a painted message reading “slow” has been included at each approach zone.
  • Signage: trail identification and etiquette signage will be installed alongside the trail.

Project Information

There were two phases to this project.

A map showing phase one work, which is completed, and phase two work, which is upcoming, and the relation between the two.
Enlarge a map of trail improvements

Phase One

Phase One is complete and included improvements at Palace Pier and Humber Bay Park East Entrance.

Phase Two

Phase Two improvements include:

  • New asphalt multi-use trail
  • New pedestrian pathway
  • New paved buffer zone between the multi-use trail and pedestrian pathway
  • Removal of selective pathways at the Butterfly/Home Garden to improve safety
  • New bench seating, small plaza areas and tree plantings at key trail intersections
  • Regulatory signage and pavement markings

These improvements extend between the two areas that were completed in Phase One.

Phase One and Two are complete.

Trail improvements extend from Palace Pier to Humber Bay Park East Entrance.

Progress update: September 25, 2019

Completed work:

  • Multi-Use Trail: Asphalt paving
  • Buffer Zone: Concrete paving
  • Pedestrian Trail: Asphalt paving with unit paver edging
  • Trail Plazas/Intersections: Unit pavers with unit paver edging
  • All new tree plantings
  • Benches
  • New post and paddle fence at the Butterfly Habitat and Home Garden
  • New handrail at the Stormwater Management Pond
  • Line painting on the Multi-use trail and at the Parking lot
  • Shrub planting beside the Stormwater Management Pond
  • Pre-Existing Sign Installation

Next Steps

New Signage Installation

Trail identification and etiquette signage, including a new park sign, will follow the completed work. Coordination of this work is in progress.

Past Consultations

April 2015

The public information event presented the preferred design to more than 40 residents that attended. Details of the preferred design are included in the Display Panels.

November 2014

The public consultation event showcased two proposed alternatives for upgrades of the trail system; Options A and B as well as on-street cycling infrastructure upgrades along Marine Parade Drive and Waterfront Drive. Important improvements to the trail included safety and sight lines, changes to trail width and alignment, changes in trail materials, improvements to seating and views to the lake as well as an evaluation of existing lighting. Over 85 residents and local association representatives participated

Display panels from the event:

Summary of the public event and feedback provided:

April 2014

Staff presented information materials about three projects:

  1. Humber Bay Shores Park
  2. Stanley Ave. Contra-flow Bicycle Lane
  3. Waterfront Trail Connection on Lake Shore Blvd. W.

Over 70 participants attended the event, asked questions, discussed opinions and provided many insightful comments and suggestions. Below are the information materials from the event.

Summary of the comments received:

Palace Pier Natural Trail

In April 2018, the Toronto region experienced a severe storm which resulted in significant damage to many areas across the Toronto Waterfront. The headland at the base of Palace Pier Court experienced a large amount of damage to the new natural trail along the waterfront.

The Toronto Region and Conservation Authority (TRCA) will repair the headland and further protect against shoreline erosion while addressing public safety concerns. When this is completed, the TRCA will also reopen the natural trail. This work is coordinated with the City of Toronto and other projects in the area.

Fencing will remain for public safety and to restrict access to the damaged area until the required assessments, design and approvals are complete.

Progress Update: June 5, 2019


  • Contract Award: In progress
  • Anticipated Completion: Fall 2019


  • Anticipated Start: Late 2019
  • Completion: Early 2020

Humber Bay Shores Trail Maintenance Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the City of Toronto, is undertaking minor maintenance works in Humber Bay Shores Park, near Sheldon Lookout, in order to repair a failed concrete section of the waterfront viewing node and address public safety concerns.