Park improvements are planned for Kempton Howard Park. Detailed design for the park is now underway.

Park improvements are proposed for Kempton Howard Park. Public consultations were held in May 2018 and June 2019. Feedback from these meetings and the following discussions with community members and other stakeholders will be incorporated into the final concept design for the park.

Proposed park amenities include:

  • New expanded playground area, including:
    • New playground equipment
    • New playground surface (engineered wood fibre)
    • New sandbox with water jug filler
  • New seating areas with picnic tables and/or benches
  • Wading pool upgrades
  • New small splash pad
  • Gathering area with natural features
  • New pathways and steps


  • Currently underway
  • Expected Completion: Fall 2019


  • Expected Start: Spring 2020
  • Expected Completion: Fall 2020

Past Consultations

Public Meeting on June 10, 2019

At the second public meeting, community members were presented with the preliminary concept design and play equipment options. Feedback will be integrated into the next stage of the design.

Public Meeting on May 1, 2018

At the first public meeting, community members were presented with preliminary project scope and playground precedents. Feedback was integrated into the preliminary concept design.