As of September 21, 2020, the facility is partially open to the public and construction is still ongoing for Phase 2. This includes the pool, change rooms, upper and lower level fitness rooms. These areas will remain closed until the completion of Phase 2 (expected by early 2021).


The City is enhancing Mary McCormick Recreation Centre by undertaking state-of-good-repair rehabilitation work to the facility.

Renovations include:

  • Pool upgrades including pool tank, pool deck, walls and ceiling
  • Mechanical and HVAC system upgrades
  • Main elevator repair and pool elevator upgrade
  • Upgraded lights and exit signs
  • Change room upgrades including refinished walls, floors, ceilings, new lockers, partitions and new plumbing fixtures.
  • Accessibility improvements including accessible change room, washroom, pool elevator and pool lift

Improvements to the centre will be delivered in two phases. During phase 1, there will be no accessibility features to certain parts of the building, including washrooms. These features are expected to return when phase 2 begins.

Phase 1

The entire facility will be closed.

Phase 2

The facility will be partially open to the public. The pool will remain closed.

Dates are approximate and are subject to change.