The new Milliken Park Playground is open! Thank you to all the community members who provided their feedback throughout the playground improvement process!

The City is planning improvements to the playground in Milliken Park. These improvements are part of an ongoing city-wide program to ensure playgrounds provide safe and accessible fun for years to come!

  • Summer 2021: Online survey to collect feedback on multiple playground options
  • Summer/Fall 2021: Detailed design and hire construction team
  • Early Summer 2022: Construction starts
  • Fall 2022: Playground reopens

The timeline is subject to change.

March 11, 2022

Final Playground Design

The final design for the new Milliken Park Playground, which has been refined based on community feedback. It will be sky blue, green and teal, with a rubber tile surface of green and grey, and include the play features listed below.

The final playground design and layout was determined using feedback from the community. The new playground will be accessible and will include the following features:

  • A swingset with:
    • Two belt swings
    • One toddler swing
    • One accessible swing
  • One senior play structure for ages five to 12 with:
    • One double slide
    • One straight slide
    • Vertical climber wall
    • Ladder
    • Four stair-like climbing options
    • One sliding panel
    • One sliding pole
    • Two monkey climber options
    • Multiple play panels
  • One junior play structure for ages two to five with:
    • One slide
    • One tunnel
    • Three steps/climbing options, one with numbers
    • One junior seat and table section
    • One musical bell panel
    • Two small drums
  • One stand up spinner toy
  • One round group swing
  • Coloured asphalt track around the playground

August 2021

Online Survey

Feedback on multiple playground design options was collected in an online survey from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The design team will use this feedback to develop a single playground design. The survey received a total of 188 responses, which included input from 430 individuals.

  • 36% of respondents preferred playground option 1
  • 64% of respondents preferred playground option 2
  • 60% of respondents preferred a bright colour scheme for the new playground

Download the full survey summary report for more information.

Milliken Park Playground is located on the southeast side of McCowan Road and Steeles Avenue East.

A picture of the large play structure shown in red and yellow with blue accents. The picture focuses on the tire climber, double metal straight slide and red crawl tunnel. Beside the playground in the distance is a splash pad with large water features.

The playground currently includes:

  • Two swing sets with:
    • Two swings for ages two to five
    • Two swings for ages five and up
  • One large play structure with:
    • Four straight slides (two metal, two white)
    • One spiral slide
    • Two small double slides (beige)
    • Monkey bar play structure extension
    • Various play panels along the play structure
    • One small crawl tunnel (red)
    • Set of hanging tires
    • Large wood ramp connected to play structure
  • Animal see-saw
  • Monkey bar structure (red)
  • Sand under all play areas

The playground will be redesigned using feedback from the community. The redesigned playground is proposed to include:

  • Accessible play equipment and an accessible pathway connection. This means that people of all abilities will be able to play at this playground.
  • Playground equipment for ages eighteen months to twelve years
  • Additional seating
  • New playground surfacing

Improvements will only be made in the general playground area. This will not include any new water or lighting features, or improvements to other areas of the park.