The City is making improvements to the ponds in Milliken Park as part of a state-of-good-repair program to repair stream circulation system and address drainage and pathway issues.

The park will remain open during construction with some areas restricted during construction.

Project Timeline

Phase 1

  • March 2021: Site investigations and excavation
  • April to May 2021: Construction
  • June 2021: Construction complete

Phase 2

  • July 2021: Design
  • November 2021: Construction tender
  • January to May 2022: Construction

The timeline is subject to change.

Milliken Park is located at 5555 Steeles Ave. E. near McCowan Road in Scarborough. There are four ponds within the park which are connected by one stream. Water is circulated with a mechanical pump from the lowest point level at Pond D up to the highest point level at Pond A. The water then flows naturally from Pond A, B, C and D with gravity.

The stream system is being repaired in two phases in order to improve overall circulation, drainage and pathway issues.

Phase 1

The project is currently in Phase 1. This phase focuses on the following repairs to Pond D, which is the largest pond in the park and at the lowest elevation level:

  • Repairing pump outlets, affected pond edges and railing repairs
  • Replacement and repair of drainage pipe culverts
  • Site drainage and pathway repairs
  • Installation of a new drainage ditch swale with plants to control erosion (south of the field house building)

Phase 2

This phase will focus on the following improvements to Pond A, B and C which are at the highest points of elevation in the park:

  • General restoration such as pond clean-out and pond edge repairs
  • Installation of a new drainage ditch swale with plants to control erosion (north of the field house building)
  • Repairing the pond re-circulating pipe system

The timeline for construction of Phase 2 is dependent on future funding approvals.

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The site map for the pond and steam restoration at Milliken Park. Ponds A through D are labeled and shown in blue, with the existing features such as decks, drainage pipes, field house building and roadways labeled. Pond A is at the highest elevation and located closest to Steeles Avenue Eats. Pond D is the largest pond and at the lowest elevation level and is closest to McCowan Avenue. All ponds are connected by a stream.
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June 2021

Phase 1 is complete and includes repairs to Pond D, the largest pond in the park at the lowest elevation level.