We are making improvements at Osler Playground.

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2019 to Winter 2020: Park visioning (community workshop and survey)
  • Spring 2021 to Spring 2022: Design development
  • Summer to Fall 2022: Construction

This timeline is subject to change.

The primary scope of improvements for this project includes:

  • A new Dogs off-leash area
  • Playground enhancement
  • Waterplay area enhancement
  • Greenspace improvements
  • Pathways improvements
  • New Seating

Improvements to the adjacent school grounds are also being considered. The full scope of improvements will be determined through the consultation and design development process in response to budget and site constraints, as well as functional requirements for both the park and school.

Preliminary community consultation has taken place, and the feedback that we have received will be considered in the development of concept design options for the park and adjacent school grounds.

Public consultation will continue in fall 2020 and will inform the final design that will be implemented in 2021-2022.

January 22 to February 10, 2020

An online survey was launched to collect feedback about community priorities for the park and the Community Vision Maps that were created in the December 11, 2019 workshop.

Download the Visioning Survey Feedback Summary Report.

Key Survey Takeaways

  • The most-favoured Community Vision Map among survey participants was Option 5, followed by Option 4. The least-favoured was Option 6.
  • Many participants felt that the redesigns should reflect a more balanced space distribution that caters to a variety of park users and age groups i.e. children, youths, families, dog-owners, and users who visit without dogs or children.
  • Many participants felt that a small dog area would be appropriate given the proximity to parks with larger off-leash areas like Trinity Bellwoods Park. They also noted that it would be important to fence off the off-leash area and separate it from the school and playground, to allow children and others to safely enjoy the park.
  • Many participants identified the running track as an important element to the park, not because it is a place where people run, but because it is a place where parents push strollers and kids learn to ride their bikes.
  • A key theme among survey responses was the need for the new design to prioritize, protect, and improve on the park’s existing trees and green spaces (e.g. adding trees to provide more shade).
  • A majority of survey participants preferred waterplay as a combination splash pad and wading pool.

December 11, 2019

A Community Visioning Workshop was held to discuss community vision for park improvements, and develop initial ideas for park uses, activities and layout, including the adjacent school grounds.

Community Visions

During the Community Visioning Workshop participants worked together to determine appropriate sizes and locations for the primary features of the improvements project and other amenities they wanted to see in the future design of the park and adjacent school grounds. Six community vision maps were created.

While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content on this site. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding our maps, drawings, or any other content, please contact Rachel Weston at 416-392-3357 or Rachel.Weston@toronto.ca.

Suggested features in the community vision maps that are beyond the primary scope of improvements, as well as the suggested locations and sizes of amenities within the park, will require further assessment to determine their feasibility in terms of scope, budget, and site constraints. Amenities proposed within the school grounds will also require assessment in terms of their functionality for both the school and park users.